Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Wind, wind, wind

Late on Easter Monday, after the relatives had gone and the weather improved slightly, i nipped uot to Staines reservoir. Why is it always so windy there? Getting on top of the bank you almost get blown back down again, and its about the least photogenic place around, what with the constant stream of planes and cars!!!
Anyway, 2 target birds - slav grebe and long-tailed duck. Everyone (well, about 4 with scopes) seemed to be at the far end, so off i trudged. Two blokes had the l-t-d akothough it was pretty mobile and diving constantly. Gave it about 5 minutes then walked aback to the start where the slav was last seen. After freezing my whatsits off for 20 minutes and scanning a VERY choppy reservoir with no luck i was about to leave when a couple came down and said the grebe was AT THE OTHER END....aaaagggghhhh. Back down again, and there it was, fishing quite close in and moving back ot where i had come from. Ah, well... Took a couple of record shots when it got close.
Finished off with a few (10+) little ringed plovers on the bank on the way out, so a productive hour and a half i suppose, but when is spring going to arrive!!