Saturday, 2 November 2013

Still here...

Saturday, so work party down Maple Lodge. Quick trip to Long Hedge hide as the osprey had been reported earlier, and bang on cue it dropped in with a fish already in its talons at about 8.15!!
It didn't stay long though.Then about 10.30 when we were having a large bonfire it popped up again, doing a fly-by and quick circuit of the reedbed.
Whilst  not the greatest photos in the world, these images show nicely the damage to it's wing. Tee primaries on its left wing have been, presumably, removed by a shotgun blast. Close-up you can see the jagged edges. It doesn't seem to be harming its ability to fly or catch fish although whether it is this damage or the fact it is a juvenile which is causing it to remain around is open to conjecture.

Then finally we sat in the hide again all afternoon and it popped up again between 3 and 4, still not fishing but giving some really close-up views as it scanned the lake presumably looking for any fish near the surface. It seems happy and with the weather still quite mild it will be interesting to see how long it remains