Wednesday, 16 April 2014

That's all white then....

Spring is well and truly underway with the migrants flooding in now. A lot are pretty transient, especially in Spring when they're are hurrying up to breed. Others hang around or even settle on territories. This seems to be the case for a lesser whitethroat that has been singing at Woodoaks Farm for a few days now. With the longer nights it also meant i could drop in on the way back home after work.
When i got there, about 6, there were skylarks singing over the fields. I didn't know exactly where the bird normally was, but i headed down the path to the wood-edge which looked suitable territory for it. Almost straight away a greyish bird with a white belly popped up onto a branch above my head and started singing. For the next 5 minutes or so it showed reasonably well and was singing away happily. Lets hope it can find a mate and settle down!!!
As it was still light i headed off to Croxley Common to see if i could do the double and get common whitethroat as well but by the time i got there it was quietening down so i decided to call it a day and get up early tomorrow.