Saturday, 21 March 2015

double dipping

It's only fair to post about those days when it didn't go as well and not just boast about rarities. So, with Judith at the Country Living Fair I decided to nip over to Essex to go for the long staying serins at Battery Park. To cut a long story short I spent about 3 hours trudging around some scrubby bushes looking at a wide variety of goldfinches, greenfinches, chaffinches, blue tits great tits and long-tailed tits. At one point I had persuaded myself that two birds flying over were the serins but sanity kicked in and I discounted them.
So, I cam back to Ricky and went to West Hyde where corn buntings have been seen on the same territory they nested in last year. The weather was drab and grey and not conducive to singing and displaying your love for your territory so a double dip. Hopefully they should be easier to get on a nicer morning in a couple of weeks.
The only highlight was this red kite which was drifting low over the field. Beautiful birds and I still can't get over how common they are now. I think back to the first time I saw one, almost causing me to crash on the M40 when I saw it.