Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Canada part 1 - big skies and bright flowers

We've just been on a month long trip to Canada. This is going to be the first of three posts giving some of the highlights of that trip.
We flew into Calgary in the first week of August and drove from there to Banff, then on to Moraine Lake, Jasper, Clearwater and Vancouver. After a couple of days there we went to Haida Gwaii, a large island north of Vancouver Island. Finally we spent 6 nights in the rainforest photographing bears!!
This first blog will focus on some of the stunning scenery and flowers we saw on the way.
Driving around Canada you cannot help but be impressed by the scenery. Everywhere we went you were stopping to go "wow" at the mountains, the forests, the lakes and the big blue skies. You really appreciate how unspoilt and unpolluted it is.

Although we were there in the middle of Summer, there was still some snow around, although most of it was now in the form of glaciers, which we came across both along the ice-fields pathway and around Jasper at the Angel glacier.

What amazed us most was probably some of the lakes we came across. The colours in the water were stunning, especially in the early morning light.