Friday, 30 November 2012

Same old, same old

Quick trip out over lunchtime to Stockers Lake. Really cold overnight and there were still frost pockets and frozen puddles as i walked round. Still no sign of any smew or goosanders yet this year. Also, more worryingly, no real signs of winter thrushes. I hear that the berry crop hasn't been very good this year. Certainly no big flocks of fieldfare or redwings around.
The lakes held the usual birds - at least 2 male goldeneye and probably 6-8 females. A few wigeon were pottering about amongst them as well which is always nice. Otherwise large numbers of tufted ducks, pochard and shovelers lurking around the margins.
Hoped to see the redpolls again, but nothing moving near the hide. Did catch up with a flock of about a dozen siskins when i got home though - in the alders at the bottom of the garden. Didn't hang around for long! Crows were making a fuss as well in the wood - clearly upset as something. There's defintely tawny owls in there somewhere. Must have a concerted effort to find thme one day!!