Monday, 3 December 2012

Frosty mornings

Two days worth of very frosty starts this weekend. Started off on Saturday with the usual early start at Maple Lodge. Hard frost and the lakes were frozen solid. Always seems slightly incongruous on such a lovely morning though that the wildfowlers wer out on Lynsters Lake blasting away at the poor old Canada Geese. Very little by way of wildlife around - few siskins pottering about in the trees, decent numbers of pochard on the clubhouse lake but ont a lot else. Nice to see the stream flowing though.
Sunday morning went out for a walk - again - round the aquadrome with Judith. If anything the ground as even harder and the areas of open water were smaller. Really good concentratrions of waterfowl. Very large numbers of pochard, quite a few goldeneye and even 4 red-crested pochards. All too distant for photos though. On the way bakc did get to see a nice mute swan sitting on a still bit of the lake which afforded a good photo op for Judith.
Hoping to get out to Rutland Water on Friday combining a client visit to Oakham with a chance for Willow tit - fingers crossed.