Monday, 20 January 2014

One more....

Saturday work-party down the reserve again. Generally it was pretty quiet, at least on the bird front. The wildfowlers were out in force on Lynsters, including one person with what sounded like a howitzer every time it went off. The canada geese were taking tremendous losses.
Everything was keeping its head down. no sign of the green sandpipers, ducks were in low numbers and only one burst of song from the Cetti's warbler. I did find a lone treecreeper by the sluice, which only stayed for 30 seconds or so. This did take me up to 128 for the year.
Later in the morning the siskins were back in the alders by the paddock, probably numbering 50 or so birds, perhaps a few more as they were both scattered and mobile. I didn't have time for a good look through but i couldn't see any obvious redpolls among them.