Saturday, 11 January 2014

Work-party Saturday

As usual, Saturday = Maple Lodge work party. With the day length still quite short i only have time for a quick walk round before getting going but it was noticeable how wet everywhere was. The stream was flowing like a torrent and areas normally dry or damp were under water.
I set out with a purpose though as there were still a few year ticks i needed which should be easy to get. First one popped up well enough by the sluice. A group of about 4 or 5 goldcrests flitting around in the bushes. Nearby in the alders i also got onto a feeding group of, perhaps, 20 siskins. I didn't have time to grill the flock for redpolls which is a task for next Saturday!!
Going round to Rotunda i got my third bird, the Cetti's warbler, or at least one of them, which have been present for some months now. Fingers crossed for breeding in the spring if a female pops in.
Rest of the morning was spent clearing up three large trees which had come down over the stream. As we finished about 20 minutes early we popped down to Shell hide. One or two green sandpipers had been frequenting a wet area in Lynster's field. It took about 5 minutes but we finally got on to one. Very distant but clearly it pottering around by the pool.
Nice morning, nice company, good work out on the tree-sawing and 4 year-ticks. What not to complain about....