Monday, 27 January 2014

Rain didn't stop play

thought i might be able carry on the good work with a weekend in Weymouth for the mother-in-laws birthday. Weather and small nephews conspired to limit my usual trips out but i still managed to get in a few hours.
On Saturday, I had my nephews Max and Jack in the car, both desperate to get back to the hotel to go swimming. I persuaded them though that it would be much nicer to go to Cogden beach. I talked about the lovely sea and the bracing sea-air. Oh, and a near-adult glaucous gull by the car-park. When we got there the wind was blowing a hoolie and i could barely open the car door. Jack stayed put but Max, who could end up being a next-generation birder, did at least get out. There were probably 25 or 30 large gulls nor so much flying as being blown up and down the beach. Even without bins though the glaucous stood out. a couple in a car nearby had already remarked on it without knowing what it was. Even got Max onto it, whivh gripped off his dad who i am trying to convert into a birder much to the annoyance of his wife and sister (hi Martin!!!!).
Sunday was meant to be an early trip to Lodmoor and Radipole but one glass of red too many and rain lashing down put paid to that. For lunch we did go to the Lobster Pot at the Bill though. Weather was bad on the way, so didn't stop at Ferrybridge although there was about 100 brent geese pottering about, with 3 light-bellied amongst them. Rain and wind made viewing at the Bill difficult but we did get about an hour or clearer skies. Gannets and auks (90% razorbills) passed by in good numbers and shags were diving in the really rough seas. Kittiwakes also passed by albeit at speed together with other large gulls featuring a lot of gbb's. The only new bird i got was fulmar passing by in the middle distance. On the land rock and meadow pipits were getting blown around and i got linnet to add to the year-list. No sign of purple sandpipers but to be fair the waves were battering the coast. Ended the weekend at 138.