Thursday, 25 July 2013

Graves, fish and tea!

As ever when you fly West, the day starts early with the "are you awake" conversation at 5.30 in the morning. By 7.30 we'd already had coffee, showered, unpacked, sorted out and arranged to meet for a(a second!) breakfast with HPH and the family. Despite overcast skies and a chill wind, we set out on our first days excursion. Opposite the hotel was the Granary Burying ground, a large cemetery with many and some famous graves. A bit morbid to start the day, but some interesting carving on the graves, although the most famous, Paul Revere of the midnight ride fame, was quite plain.

After this cheery start we walked about 20 minutes or so down to the harbo(u)r area to visit the Aquarium. We visited here in, we think, 1989 so it would be interesting to see if was like we remembered. This was particularly so after visiting Atlanta last year, with one of the best aquaria on the planet.
As per the plan for most aquaria nowadays there was a large central tank around which was displayed a number of smaller tanks, based on habitat mainly. It was good, albeit so crowded it was difficult to get to see some tanks. It was in 1989 by far the best  we'd ever visited, but now seemed a bit tired and certainly not a patch on Atlanta.
Highlights? One was watching 7-8 people manhandling a giant ray into a crate to weigh it before going off for veterinary treatment. Although it was in the crate, and they could weigh fish, crate and water together they didn't have a plan for getting to the weight of the fish!! Shame I wasn't online to work, I'd have had at least 10 solutions within 5 minutes!!!! 

 There were a few large turtles in the main tank, but they always look a bit sad and we got some nice arty photos using light and blurring.

Last stop, after lunch, was the Boston Tea Party museum. In UK, this would be a few exhibits, with a bit of interpretative display. In the USA, oh no, you get the full works. 90 minutes with actors playing all the parts, the best holograms I've seen, two paintings which came alive (think Harry Potter and Hogwarts) and getting audience involvement throughout. Given enough money and thought it's amazing what you can do. After that though the summer in Boston turned into a torrential downpour, so cabs and back to hotel. Just need to stay awake and fight off the temptation for a quick half-hour nap before Legal Seafoods and our lobster supper.
Overall verdict? Well, if the rest of the holiday goes as well as today then we're well set for a great time!!!