Saturday, 27 July 2013

Mile-high club

Today was basically going to be travel day, with a bit of sight-seeing. We started early to get to Logan for our internal flight to Denver. Breakfast in the airport was interesting - enormous as every meal in the US seems to be, and topped off by a very early bloody Mary from two member of our party!! No problems, smooth uneventful flight, without many views as it was cloudy most of the way. We did get occasional views of flat prairies and straight roads. Landing at Denver we picked up our hire-cars, which was not as easy as it should have been. Confusion over drop-off charges didn't help but eventually we loaded up our SUV's and toddled off into Denver, about 45 minutes away. I always hate the first drive - automatics and wrong-side of the road, but I missed everything and the satnav got us to the hotel without incident.
Denver is hard to get feel for. Very modern, and the area we are in if basically a few shops and many restaurants. We has a free-form lunch, ranging from cheesecake to calamari and then shopped in the afternoon. A few books, cowboy shirts and a leather belt were acquired before another unstructured dinner of nachos and beer.
Off to the proper holiday tomorrow, with a long drive to Mosca and the Zapata ranch. Hopefully we'll stop along the way and might even get the bird list started, which is almost non-existent after 3 days so far.