Sunday, 28 July 2013

How to be a cowboy part 1

After a later than expected start due to Owen and his giant breakfast burrito (note to any travellers to the USA - do not trust waitresses comments on portion sizes!) we set off on our drive to Zapata ranch. Thank god we upgraded to SUV's at the airport as the weather was verging on apocalyptic. One rain storm, fortunately whilst we were waiting for one of those giant trains to pass, had the road running like a river.
We had a quick stop at Pueblo on the way. Typical one street town, with some very un-British advertising.
although quite why sleeper middle America needs a specialist in chemical weapons destruction leaves the mind boggling. 

After a quick stop at a liquor store (trans: off-licence) to get beer and wine as the ranch is apparently "dry" its another two hours to the ranch - which is a sight for sore eyes after rain and cities. Quite small, literally in the middle of nowhere and birds galore!!! Within 5 minutes I had hairy woodpecker, white-breasted nuthatch and wood peewee. A short walk to check out the horses also got mountain bluebird, western tanager (below, courtesy of Owen) and violet-green swallow as well as chipmunks!!! Things are definitely looking up.