Sunday, 8 September 2013

A well spotted crake

Saw on bird guides yesterday that a spotted crake was present at Wilstone, but family duties prevented having a go for it. Was still showing this morning, so after a probably too relaxed breakfast Judith was up for dashing out. Shouldn't have been that hopeful as they're supposedly semi-crepuscular but it did show throughout yesterday.So, we threw the gear into the car and hurtled up there.
Luck was on our side as a car was pulling out as we came into an otherwise very full car park. About 15 people on the ban k by the jetty, and the bird was showing on and off. No sign when we got there but after about 5 minutes someone "probably" got it. Really long way away and hard to even make out it was a bird at times. Eventually it gave itself up, short beak, well marked head and back, not a coot/ moorhen or water rail AND A LIFER TO BOOT.....
No photos as way too far off, but a great Sunday morning tick.