Monday, 16 September 2013


Today we had our (first?) bioblitz down at Maple Lodge. The theory is to get a load of people down the reserve for a day and record as many different species, of all types, as possible. Never done it before so it was interesting to see what occurred.
We got about 30 people in all turn up, with different levels of skills and experience. The reserve was split into 3 areas for surveying purposes, and we ended up with Dave doing around clubhouse, beehives and rotunda. Started off a bit chaotic as we didn't have a clear system, but by the end of the day we were all getting into the swing of things and recording what and where with photos which could all be linked together!!!!
Weather was pretty poor, although the rain held off, so not many insects flying and the birds were poorly represented but I think we found some new species for the reserve.
These are a few of the photos I took. Mostly it was record shots of things we didn't know but I do like the emperor dragonfly and a couple of the fungi shots worked out nice....