Tuesday, 3 September 2013

In loco parentis

Two days spent looking after our nephews Max and Jack. Yesterday was Marwell Zoo. Not as good as I remembered it from a couple of years ago and not as good as Whipsnade. Didn’t help as it was last of the school holidays and the place was packed with yummy mummies and off-road buggies!!! Snow leopards were good though, especially the cubs.

Today we only had Max and went first to Selborne, where Gilbert White lived. He is known as the first naturalist nd certainly the first bird-watcher. First to split chiffchaff, willow and wood warbler for instance. Really interesting display in the house and quite child-friendly. Gardens were nice as well, with some late phylloscs pottering around. Afterwards we went to Thursley Common. Weather was really hot and it was pretty flat for birds. One hobby over was about it. The boardwalk did have lots of common lizards, adults and I presume juveniles. Must have seen upwards of 50 in all. Couple of record shots below.