Sunday, 1 September 2013

Wry-not not

This sort of follows on from yesterdays dip of the wryneck over at Ivinghoe. Sunday morning, papers in bed, bit of toast and another wryneck, this time at Stapleford. Judith was up for going but only if this time I could
a. guarantee where it was
b. guarantee it was there

a. was easy-ish, directions seemed ok, b. clearly a bit harder.
Off we pottered though, found what looked like the site and after a short walk found the first thing I wanted to see - 4 birders staring at a bush.
As we got closer a small brown bird flew up from near our feet, moved about 20 yards and settled in a hawthorn bush - WRYNECK!! It seemed ok but some bloody photographer with a bit 500mm lens kept chasing it from bush to bush, never letting it settle. In the end it actually got caught on a hawthorn spike and hung by its wing before freeing itself and promptly disappeared. We left and fortunately so did the photographer, although as we were leaving another herd was coming up the lane.
In case you are worrying, all my photos below are heavily cropped and taken from a reasonable distance, generally about 20 yards behind the other person, so not as good but.....