Monday, 9 September 2013

Hare today

Today we went down to Sussex to visit Wendy and Michael in Steyning, Sussex. This is a long overdue visit and promised a trip out to some local hotspots (they are both keen birders and published photographers!).
Weather looked pretty awful on the way up but cleared by the time we got there so we set off to explore the south Downs. Beautiful views out over the downs, lovely skies an spectacular clouds all the way. Two highlights of the day - a really good cream tea at Amberley which is a beautiful village and more hares than you can shake a stick out on the Norfolk Estate. We reckon that in the end we must have seen 20 hares, closest down to about 20 yards hunkered down in a stubble field. Lots of migrants in the bushes, mainly cc but also whitethroats and up to 6 buzzards flying in the valley. One of Wendy's photos of a hunkered down hare below.

Also had lots or partridges in the fields because of the local shoot. Most of them were fed-legged but we also had one nice group of proper grey partridge as well (photos courtesy of Wendy as well!!).