Friday, 16 August 2013

2 calling quails

Back to the UK now after the USA holiday and back to (half) dipping on UK birds. After a rainy start to the day, delayed due to jet-lag induced lay-in, we first of all had a look at the dahlia trial grounds at Ayletts. As ever they were quite inspirational, especially the wild-flower area. Loads of bees and butterflies including gatekeeper, small tortoiseshell and small white.
After that we went to Redbournbury where quail were reported singing for the last few weeks. Beautiful English scene, corn field, sun coming out. Quite quickly, and with the aid of the IPhone, we had 2 birds calling quite close from the corn. Despite trying for 20 minutes or so we couldn't manage to get them to show. So, a reasonable start to the 4 months off with a new year-list tick, but still to actually see one of them!!