Saturday, 3 August 2013

Cruising on the river...

Today was a big highlight - we saw a road-runner!!! This was one of the big target birds for the holiday, purely to get bragging rights with Ken when we came back. Saw it in bizarre circumstances though, whilst sitting by the pool in the hotel. Tow of them, pottering around outside ground-floor bedrooms. I have a horrible feeling I used a rude word!!
After this excitement our afternoon excursion was a cruise on Lake Powell, a newly formed lake created as part of a hydro-electric project. The cruise was horribly touristy. firstly, we almost missed it, as we went to the wrong part of the lake.. A really nice bloke gave us a lift in the back of his pick-up truck though (kids well pleased with that). Then we stood in a queue for about 20 minutes before running for the boat, as only about 1/2 the people would fit on the top deck!! We squeezed on, but in the blazing sun. However, after 20 minutes or so everyone else realised this and so it thinned out and we flitted between sun and shade.
Cruise was not that exciting. The lake is VERY new and so pretty sterile - no birds whatsoever. Mainly cruising along rock walls and at almost 3 hours probably 1 hour too long. Most excitement came from people watching especially some Dutch people and Italians having a major row about seats in and out of the shade and whose children were hogging them at the expense of their elders and betters!!!
WE finished the day with a family trip to Walmart, as we were planning a picnic day after at the Grand Canyon.
Wow - what a place Walmart is! Enormous, sells everything REALLY cheap (including a 5 piece luggage set for $50) but what stuff. Pre-processed food, fatty cakes, horrible cheese, all in vast portions and cheap prices. Hardly any fruit/ veg/ meat. Quite depressing really. Still be stocked up for the picnic and even doubled their daily spend on fruit I suspect.