Monday, 12 August 2013

and finally, the big apple

I'll skip over our travel day, which was a bit traumatic as the flight out of Jackson was delayed and we only just made our connection in Chicago. Good on United though who handled it very well even holding the planes in Chicago for us.
Anyway, our hotel in New York wasn't that great so we went out as soon we could. Hard rock cafe on the first evening. Don't really get it. Food was average at best, but the boys (including Yoss) drooled over the rock memorabilia. Still the beer was cold and on the walk back Judith found a shop advertising 18 miles of books!!
Today though we went on a trip to the Statue of Liberty.Massive queues to get tickets and get on the boat, but we lucked out and missed one boat only to be first on the next so we had great places to stand going over. So many people around, felt quite a shock after the parks. We couldn't get tickets to go up the statue, as it seems those are like gold dust. So, we walked round and round taking lots of photos. Trip back was hot so we dived into a museum just for the air-conditioning!!! Then mainly strolled around Manhattan, Wall Street etc till time for tea. So, a very different day.

I'll also cover the following day, the 13th. RAIN. We were meant to be going up the Empire State but low cloud etc killed that one. So, the party split up. We did museums whilst the P-H's did shopping. We all met up in the evening for a least meal and beers before our trip back early the next day.