Friday, 9 August 2013

Bear hunt part 1

Using our local knowledge from yesterday, we set out to try and revisit some of spots in the Tetons where we went but didn't connect with what we wanted, mainly moose!! We also had a good of local knowledge about a place to try and find bears!!

 So, another early start had us by the river where we thought moose could be seen. From a couple of hundred yards away we could see a group of cars already clustered and then before we parked MOOSE. Frantic pull off the road, grab camera and bins and run down to the bank before they left. no worries.

 For about 20 minutes I think we had 4 moose wandering around, wading the river, eating willow, mooching about.

 Probably about 25 people in all, and it was noticeable everyone had broad grins. Amazing how a few large deer can brighten up your day.

Next was to travel further down the valley and go in search of bear. First though was a breakfast stop by the dam. What should have been a fairly straight-forward stop was extended though by the fact that there were literally hundreds of swallows.

It looked like a crèche. In two or three large trees there was loads of juvenile swallows waiting to be fed. Occasionally all the flock would lift off and swirl around before settling back in the tree. Judith took loads of photos, the best of which are here.

Finally, we set off up Signal Mountain. This was a road switch backing up and down to a reasonably large summit. Basically, our guide said you often see bears there, and he had seen a grizzly with 3 cubs only a week before. We slowly advanced up the road, but due to the moose and breakfast stop it was now almost midday and pretty hot. 

Last stop was by a lake on the No sign of bears anywhere but the views were stunning. One interesting thing was the grasshoppers. When you disturbed them, they flew up and made clicking noise as they flew off. Need to come back again but VERY EARLY!!!!!
  way back. Not much by way of wildlife but over the road we did catch up with a herd of buffalo (or bison depending upon who you talk to!)

As asn addendum, in the evening we went to a rodeo. Very interesting and a word i've used before, strange. This was a small local affair, only $30 to get in. Hot dogs and beer for tea, bit of roping and riding bulls and horses. Lotso of American patriotism as well. I cant imagine the crowd as a football match getting emotional about a girl riding around carrying a flag!!!