Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Migration watch at Staines

well, a bit of over-claim but an early start down to Staines to try for black tern. As ever at this time of year the most abundant wildlife is the mosquitoes - clouds of them hovering around and settling on anything that stays still for more than a minute.
Still, after 10 minutes scanning the south basin I turned round and did pick up a single juvenile black tern over the north. Feeding quite actively for about 10 minutes then disappeared. Also got a ruff pottering along by the bank, and an overfly redshank. Did hope to get little gull as well but couldn't pick any out from the gulls, which were down in numbers from normal, and only one pair of common terns left.
Hoping to get to Minsmere on Thursday which will really get the year list going I hope.