Monday, 5 August 2013

A river runs through it...

After arriving at our hotel near hotel, we realised we were not quite as well positioned as we could be. We thought we were in Springfield, near the park entrance. However we were at Carmel junction, about 40 minutes from Springfield, itself 40 minutes give or take from the main parts of Zion park.
On the plus side, the Best Western Lodge did have humming-bird feeders on the windows and they were stuffed with hummers - we finally got black-chinned, broad-tailed, rufous and calliope.

Anyway, we drove in Springfield, had another quick light breakfast (no Owen, a breakfast burrito is not a healthy option!) and then got on the shuttle. For any visitors, during summer you cannot drive into Zion. You take a bus to the park entrance, and then another shuttle takes you along the road dropping you off at stages - all free but does involve a time-overhead.
We agreed that the all-day walk Owen and Jake wanted to do wasn't feasible so we went all the way to the top, for the river walk. Again looking out for condors and again dipping though. The walk was interesting. Starts off as a stroll along the river bank, and ends with you having to wade along the river itself  - either with ore without shoes!! Boys loved it and disappeared off for what seemed like hours. We baled early and went back. All met up again though and had another couple of short walks on the way back down. got a few new birds including lesser goldfinch and warbling vireo. Finished off with a nice meal in Springfield before heading back to our hotel and a few beers on Helen and Yoss's balcony!!